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Consult “Tasty Turf: Tips for Using Culinary Herbs as Ground Cover” for more ideas on using herbs in your landscape. But your choices definitely don’t stop there when it comes to your own yard. Contact a landscaping pro today for up to four quotes from contractors in your area for free. With so many different applications, you can easily embrace the outdoors in style See less - Numerous peony bushes and hosta grow in its midst and create a gorgeous landscape. How to Mulch Lay three to four layers of newspaper over close-cut grass/weeds. Mulch is a vital tool in any home gardener’s shed. It will do well in full sun, partial sun, or full shade. Zones 7–10. Foam flower: Glossy, lobed foliage grows 9 to 12 inches high; sprays of white flowers in May. That’s not a problem with one of these compact, ultra-efficient units that heat water as you need it. Tired of running out of hot water? Small- to medium-size agave species are unconventional ground cover choices that are becoming more popular. There are a lot more options for beautiful ground covers. Lily turf: Grass-like foliage 8 to 18 inches high sports spikes of purple flowers in late summer. Here’s how we flooded our coastal Idea House with an abundance of natural light and fresh air. For example, moss doesn’t really require you to do much at all while certain low growing shrubs would need constant care and attention. Rubber mulch is generally more expensive than some other play area ground cover options, and there may be concern over long-term exposure to these small bits of rubber. If you’d rather have a cover with some more depth you can choose to use low growing shrubs. When it came to restoring our 1890 Shingle-style Cape Ann home to its former glory, both the designer and architect at SV Design knew that the windows were critical to the home’s architecture. I hope these ground cover ideas have inspired you to search for the perfect one for your backyard. See a few ideas to landscape where grass simply will not grow. Gardeners usually turn to ground cover plants like moneywort, ivies, clovers, vinca minor, hostas and thymes when they have tough areas of the yard to landscape. These are useful for overwintering vegetable gardens, where they prevent erosion and improve soil tilth. Zones 4–8. There are also a wide variety of ivy plants to choose from. Sweet woodruff: Whorled foliage grows 8 to 12 inches tall; fragrant white flowers in spring. Here’s how to get rid of periwinkle ground cover if it took over your yard. Landscaping Popular Landscaping Groundcovers and Shrubs Find out which shrubs and groundcovers will grow best in your yard, plus get details on the best times to plant, fertilize and prune. The best types of ground cover plants require little maintenance and aren’t invasive. Use in the garden as a new ground project, on the patio, deck and more. Poured Rubber and Rubber Tiles. If you are more hands-off it’s definitely something you need to take into consideration. If your not sure where to start, then try these landscaping ideas for rocks. See more ideas about landscaping with rocks, backyard landscaping, yard landscaping. The 2 quarts bags are about 15 to 20 dollars and cover about 115 cubic inches of space. ‘Dragon’s Blood’ stonecrop (shown): This deer-resistant sedum grows 4 to 6 inches tall; deep-red, star-shaped flowers appear in midsummer. Wet it down with a hose or watering can to keep it in place. White blooms attract butterflies; red berries in fall. Zones 8–11. Zones 4–9. See more ideas about ground cover, ground cover plants, outdoor gardens. Using moss as ground cover. When you plant living mulch, you can expect many of the benefits of traditional mulches — while adding beauty to your landscape design. Low Maintenance Ground Covers for Any Yard. Bishop’s hat (shown): Heart-shaped leaves form dense mounds 6 to 9 inches high, with delicate sprays of small flowers in spring. Another way moss is useful in the backyard is to cover old stumps: it makes them more part of the scenery. Comes in lots of stunning colors everyone would love: pink, purple, striped, and more. This is a ground cover that can also be used as a ground cover in your garden. Working with the homeowner’s vision to create a lighter and brighter space, they chose Marvin to bring the view of the outside in with new windows and doors, as well as retain the integrity of the home’s design, and provide the efficiency and technology to make the home comfortable. Useful for maintaining an attractive winter gard… Several times, I have found gardening tools, landscaping edging, plants, etc. That means if you click and buy, I may receive a small commission.

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