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DC's Infinite Frontier will feature the return of one of the most popular incarnations of Superman. Fan Casting Calvin Ellis (Superman ) Role added by kingjordan on February 25, 2019. The character is widely considered to be one of the MCU’s greatest villains. One of them is Calvin Ellis. ... but WB isn't going to spend millions on a one-off they'd want it to be template for their new movie Superman. TV Shows. The team debuted in, There is no denying that adding more diversity to the DCEU would be an excellent idea and seeing a person of color stepping into Superman’s red boots would no doubt mean so much to people all over the world. The Story Of King (U.S) Dollar: Why does the world have so many of our dollars? There are plenty of versions of Superman, and Calvin Ellis is one of them. In an interview with MTV, Jordan said that there would need to be specific elements within the character and the story for him to agree to a Superman project, and stressed that authenticity would be key to his decision to play the iconic character. Perhaps what we need is a fresh take on, Cinemark Is First US Movie Theater Chain To Announce Reopening Date, Michael B. 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President Superman is a concept in several worlds of the Multiverse where the hero Superman becomes President of the U.S. Government. As Superman, Pine could bring a new crowd for fans. As Calvin Ellis, he is the President of the United States. Michael B Jordan, who was rumoured to be considered for the role of Superman, has expressed his wish to play the role as well. ... actually go see the movie. He’s been portrayed by legendary names in movies, on television, and on the radio. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. And all of that would the tiniest of potatoes compared to what a Calvin Ellis Superman movie starring Michael B. Jordon might do. Calvin Ellis was born Kalel to Jorel and Lara in Vathlo Island, the science capital of Krypton. CONTRIBUTE. “But anything that I do dive into has to be done the right way. Currently, Warner Brothers have raised concerns about its faith in Henry Cavill starring in the next Superman movie. A one-stop shop for all things video games. DC's Black Superman, Calvin Ellis, Returns in 2021. A Storm movie should be made because too often Black women are relegated to sidelines in the superhero movie ... I’m here to talk about Calvin Ellis, Superman of Earth-23. Mar 30, 2019 - houseofcomics1: “Michael B Jordan as Calvin Ellis/Superman by Salman Almohammadi ” The Pain of Being a Child & The Other Side of The Coin-An Answer to Becky. This would make taking on a significant DC role difficult for Jordan, but probably not impossible. There is no denying that adding more diversity to the DCEU would be an excellent idea and seeing a person of color stepping into Superman’s red boots would no doubt mean so much to people all over the world. Logic Announces His Retirement With Final Album ‘No Pressure’, Merry Christmas America, Your President Said, NAH! ACTION COMICS 9 NEW 52 1ST CALVIN ELLIS COMBO PACK VARIANT 2012 SUPERMAN MOVIE | eBay Skip to main content Jamie loves all things pop culture and believes her life would be meaningless without a soundtrack. What got my attention was learning while being interviewed by Oprah he expressed interest in playing Calvin Ellis, the Superman of Earth-23 (whose secret identity is President of the United States and was created by Morrison and Doug Mahnke for 2009's Final Crisis) in a movie; Michael B. Jordan Wants to Play Calvin Ellis, the Superman of Earth-23. ( Log Out /  Morrison himself confirmed that the character was actually based on both President Barack Obama and famed boxer Muhammad Ali, although the name Calvin Ellis was introduced by Alan Moore as an alias for Superman back in 1985. Like the Superman of the main DC Universe, Calvin Ellis was sent to Earth as a young child from his dying world and adopted by loving human parents. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. ( Log Out /  The Recast. Michael B. Jordan reacts to the rumors of his potential Superman casting by stating that he would prefer to play DC Comics superhero Calvin Ellis. Kalel was discovered by a poor family who named him Calvin. As a relatively new character, Ellis has few adaptable storylines, but his lack of significant history in DC Comics also obviously leaves a lot of leeway for writers to tell new stories. This opportunity should usher in a new Superman. PantherGod Comics 11,838 views. ( Log Out /  2010s One-Hit Wonders: Where Are They Now? Johnson will also write Superman during Future State, with Superman: Worlds At War, which turns the Man of Steel into a gladiator.. RELATED: DC's Black Superman, Calvin Ellis, … This opportunity should usher in a new Superman. Final Crisis #7 introduces an African-American version of the Man of Steel who is the President of the United States in his secret identity, President Calvin Ellis (with the Kryptonian name of Kalel). When pressed about whether he would even want the role, Jordan seemed conflicted, stating that, despite the undeniable upside, “Just being under that microscope of being picked apart and compared to so many different versions of Superman, I would rather do something original.” Revealing himself to be “a comic book guy,” he then went on to suggest Calvin Ellis. I Can’t Believe What I’m About To Tell You! Years ago, the planet Krypton was annihilated in a cataclysmic explosion, leaving almost nothing left. myCast is the place for you! It’s an example that has thrived in comics and deserves the chance to shine on the silver screen. In the same way a Val-Zod or Calvin Ellis movie would change expectations, so would this because "1940's Superman" is different in the minds of people than "modern 'real' Superman." The world needs to see the story of Calvin Ellis of Earth 23 on the big screen. ... Do you love movies? Mental Health Tips : The Self-Love and Self-Help Mindset, The #EndSARS Movement in Nigeria and Its Importance, Interview with I Love Movies U Should 2 Podcast, If You Live Somewhere With a Dollar Tree (or equivalent) and Dirt, You Can Become a Gardener For Less Than $2. 15:00. Take 30 seconds to create a … Writer Grant Morrison has confirmed that this Superman is a homage to President Barack Obama. However, there is also something to be said for making way for new stories with more original characters, which would bring about similar change, but in a different way. She takes far too many pictures of both her dog and her horse, and prefers spending time with them to hanging out with actual human beings. He is from Earth-23, and the first time he appeared in the Final Crisis. Of course, it all comes down to Jordan actually wanting the role. Jordan stated that he felt that “comic purists” would have an easier time accepting that than visualizing him as yet another Clark Kent. Michael B. Jordan. Dwayne Johnson will play the bad guy opposite Zachary Levi’s Shazam. The Superman of Earth 23 also happens to be the President of the United States of America. About; History; Powers; Equipment; Movies; Gallery; Battles; Comments; Top Battles with Superman. The heroes of each world contain a lifetime of stories. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. All traits of a character are … 7. Following Future State, writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson will take over writing Superman and Action Comics.. Johnson will pen a two-part story called "The Golden Age" that spans Superman #29 and Action Comics #1029. LionPride. In Superman #300, a story imagines what would have happened if Superman had landed in the middle of the Cold War, with both the U.S. and the USSR trying to capture the capsule as it is landing. This version of Superman hails from Earth 23 and is actually a Kryptonian named Kalel, similar to Clark Kent’s Kal-El. Superman Calvin Ellis. 19 Years After the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks: Has the world Moved On? They exist in the spaces right next to us and are separated by vibrational frequencies. He is picturized as President who works from the White House, where his personal computer Brainiac manages his work while he does his tasks as Superman. How will you celebrate the holidays at Starbucks this season. Regardless of how anyone felt about Brandon Routh or Henry Cavill, both would always be in Christopher Reeves’s undeniably long shadow, as would anyone else to take up the mantle. BEASTARS: Why You Don’t Have To Be A Furry To Enjoy The Show. DC's Infinite Frontier will feature the return of one of the most popular incarnations of Superman.The cover to Infinite Frontier #0 has Kalel/Calvin … The other one though (Calvin Ellis/President Superman) is the first and only Superman of his world, although aside from a one shot, all of his stories so far involved characters … Michael Keaton Actor | Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) This could be the perfect opportunity to tell the story of more than one Superman on the movie screens. In the same way a Val-Zod or Calvin Ellis movie would change expectations, so would this because "1940's Superman" is different in the minds of people than "modern 'real' Superman." Must have for any serious Calvin Ellis / Superman collector! He may not have survived past the end of the film, but there have been hints that he will return in Black Panther 2, which Ryan Coogler will also write and direct. The actor has been a favorite to don the Man of Steel’s cape ever since reports that Henry Cavill was officially stepping down from the role, but it would seem that Jordan has other ideas. The original President Superman story was created by Otto Binder and Curt Swan, published in Action Comics #371. Fan casting? The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo by Mr. Bungle Review: A Welcome Re-Recording, 10 Songs You Need to Add To Your Autumn Playlist Right Now, 5 Things I Learned From Working on a Farm, Top solutions for frizzy and damaged hair, Kaleidoscope’s House of Broken Glass Gala – Kaleidoscope Thoughts, Twenty Sixth of September 2020 Recalls and Safety Concerns, Books I’ve been Reading during quarantine, The Most Relatable Lyrics From Each Song In Taylor Swift’s ‘Evermore’, Netflix’s Latest Horror “Cadaver” is a Disappointing Mess, UPSAHL’s ‘Young Life Crisis’ is a Time Machine to Pre-COVID Party Culture. Like Clarke Kent, he is originally a Kryptonian and was sent to earth to escape Krypton’s destruction. Only Five Movies Can Survive – Which Films Should They Be? Neither seemed to be the perfect fit. This is the Superman who first appeared in comics. He is the last son of the doomed planet Krypton. Join thousands of other users in fan casting your favorite stories. So he would be a different version of Superman? The team debuted in Multiversity. Which is worse: School or Distanced Learning? Changing Security Conceptualizations: From War to Terrorism to Climate Change. Calvin Ellis is the Superman of a parallel Earth in the DC Multiverse and leads a double life as the President of the United States of America. This is the same approach a Calvin Ellis Superman movie would take, although obviously the budget would need to be bigger than $55 million. Found by the poor but kin… We've seen the public react to Superman being a bully, in Snyder's Superman. Pandemic Viewing: Three Streaming Options That Offer Insight Into Epidemics, Amber Riley Lands Role In A New Musical Comedy At NBC, Naya Rivera’s Death Sparks Wrongful Death Suit, The 8th Generation of Consoles: A Personal Retrospective, National Park Visits: An Act of Political Recreation. Plus, introducing Ellis also leaves the door wide open to the appearance of his own world’s Justice League, which is mostly comprised of black heroes. The Multiverse. 10 ways to re-ignite the passion in your relationship, Raise your voice against the rape culture in Bangladesh, On Hallows Eve Night Only Once In A Blue Moon, Why Nightmare Before Christmas Is Still Relevant Today, ‘Smile’ came out from the time when I wasn’t ready to smile, says Katy Perry. Calvin Ellis, Superman of Earth-23 and the President of the United States of America, fights for truth, justice and equality. Regardless of how anyone felt about Brandon Routh or Henry Cavill, both would always be in Christopher Reeves’s undeniably long shadow, as would anyone else to take up the mantle. Calvin Ellis, for those who do not know, is a black Superman outside the primary DC continuity (also called the DC Universe). He has an alter ego named Clark Kent. 1 Vote Yes. (opinion), Women Empowerment Brand Celebrates New Online Wellness Event Series, Attend The Be Well Virtual Summit, 30 year old Americans have been drinking more during the covid 19 pandemic than they did the previous year, Indoor dining is about to start again in New York City.

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